1992: The End of an Era

Sep 15, 2023

[Documents on the Foreign Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany]

Editing work by Daniela Taschler, Tim Geiger and Tim Szatkowski
Commissioned by the Federal Foreign Office, edited by the Institute for Contemporary History
General Editor: Andreas Wirsching
Co-Editors: Stefan Creuzberger and Hélene Miard-Delacroix
Senior Editor: Ilse Dorothee Pautsch

In 1992 the Federal Republic had to cope with a rapidly changing international environment. German foreign policy focused on the wars in Yugoslavia, the consequences of the dissolution of the USSR and on cooperation with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, especially their relations with EC and NATO. Other focal points were the Maastricht Treaty and the GATT negotiations. The year also saw Hans-Dietrich Genscher’s resignation, marking the end of an era of German foreign policy.

Daniela Taschler, Tim Geiger, and Tim Szatkowski, Institute for Contemporary History, Munich-Berlin, Germany