Dutch Foreign Relations Editing Projects

Dr. Marc Dierikx, Project Manager (marc.dierikx AT huygens.knaw.nl)

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Huygens Instituut – KNAW
Huygens Institute – Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185
1012 DK Amsterdam

Project description:

The Huygens Institute and its forerunners have in the past devoted various source publications to the foreign policy of the Netherlands after 1945: Dutch-Indonesian relations, Dutch development cooperation, the Netherlands and European integration. The documents from these originally separate projects have been brought together here and made electronically searchable using Named Entity Recognition software. For those interested in Dutch foreign policy this combined edition offers many new possibilities for historical research.
The software is ╬▓eta.

Netherlands Foreign Relations

Scope: Thematical Scope
Description of scope: This entails integration of various previous projects.
Status: Finished
Number of volumes: 0

Netherlands Development Cooperation 1945-1989

Scope: Thematical
Description of scope: The Netherlands and European Integration 1945-1986
Number of volumes: 0

Online digital publication only.