Documenti Diplomatici Italiani (DDI)

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Ministero degli Affari Esteri

Ministero degli Affari Esteri,
Segreteria Generale – Unità di Analisi, Programmazione e Documentazione Storico – Diplomatica – Pubblicazione Documenti Diplomatici
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Project description:

The publication of Italian documents on foreign policy, with the title I documenti diplomatici italiani, was initiated, following World War II, by the Italian minister of Foreign Affairs, Alcide De Gasperi, with Legislative Decree of September 20, 1946, n. 96, which established the “Commissione per il riordinamento e la pubblicazione dei documenti diplomatici italiani” (“Commission for the organization and publication of Italian diplomatic documents”).

Initially, the period to be included within the publication of the documents was to begin with the Italian Unification in 1861 and to continue up to 1943. Subsequently, the final date was modified from 1943 to 1958. The documents were to be subdivided initially into nine Series, each comprising a variable number of volumes, depending on the length of the period. The initial plan comprised the following nine Series. First Series: 1861-1870
Second Series: 1870-1896
Third Series: 1896-1907
Fourth Series: 1908-1914
Fifth Series: 1914-1918
Sixth Series: 1918-1922
Seventh Series: 1922-1935
Eighth Series: 1935-1939
Ninth Series: 1939-1943

Subsequently the number of Series was increased up to twelve:
Tenth Series: 1943-1948
Eleventh Series: 1948-1953
Twelfth Series: 1953-1958

The various series have progressed independently and concurrently, thus some series have been completed earlier, while some others are not completed as yet. The Series that are completed as of today, are the following: Series I (1861-1870), II (1870-1896), V (1914-1918), VII (1922-1935), VIII (1935-1939), IX (1939-1943) and X (1943-1948).

Documenti Diplomatici Italiani (DDI)