• Documents on Irish Foreign Policy IX

    Documents on Irish Foreign Policy IX (1948-51) covers the three years and four months of Ireland’s first coalition government. Comprising Fine Gael, the Labour Party, Clann na Poblachta, Clann na Talmhan and the National Labour Party, it was known as the ‘Inter-Party Government’. In office from February 1948 to June 1951, and led by John A. Costello of Fine Gael.

  • Documents on Irish Foreign Policy Volume VIII (1945-1948)

    The reconstruction of Europe, the outbreak of the Cold War, the growing threat of nuclear annihilation as well as Nazi gold, fugitive war criminals and the fear of Communism were all issues dealt with by Irish diplomats in the years immediately after the end of the Second World War. They are central themes in the latest volume of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy.