International Committee of Editors of Diplomatic Documents

Members of the network of editors of diplomatic documents often cooperate in a personal capacity as scholars exploring their collective fields. Accordingly, the opportunity arises to bring these connections together and further them as a freely associated group of individuals with a common interest in the editing of contemporary diplomatic documents. Members of the group would thus have the opportunity to engage in a wider discussion and investigate common concerns, concepts, problems and methodologies over a diverse range of historical and historiographical areas.

As a result of these reflections, the delegates to the 12th International Conference of Editors of Diplomatic Documents in Geneva 2013 voted unanimously in favour of the foundation of an new international organization, the International Committee of Editors of Diplomatic Documents (ICEDD). ICEDD is member of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (CISH/ICHS).

Membership is open to individual scholars who are or have been involved in the editing of diplomatic documents, and who accept the Charter of the International Committee. Qualified scholars should apply in writing to the Bureau of the International Committee. Admission to membership in the International Committee is decided by the Bureau.

Apply for membership.