Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives

The publication of Greek diplomatic documents is based on thematic criteria related to major issues of the Greek foreign policy and Greek history. Thirteen (13) volumes have been published until today.

Our project is considered a one-series project, aiming at the publication of diplomatic documents from the Archives of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, related to specific subjects and time-frames selected by the Ministry.

Founding year: 


'Collections of Documents' Series

Edited volumes: 
  1. The Dodecanese. The Long Road to Union With Greece (Kastaniotis Editions, Athens, 1997), in both Greek and English.
  2. Documents on the History of Greek Jews (Kastaniotis Editions, Athens, 1998), was published initially in English, and was followed soon thereafter by a Greek version in December 2000.
  3. Greece on the Verge of a New World. Cold War-Truman Doctrine-Marshall Plan (Kastaniotis Editions, Athens, 2002, in Greek).
  4. The Participation of Greece in the Process Towards European Integration. The Crucial Twenty Years 1948-1968 (Volume One, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Service of Diplomatic & Historical Archives, Athens, 2003).
  5. The Participation of Greece in the Process Towards European Integration, vol. 2, From the Freeze of the Association Agreement to the to the Accession to the European Communities 1968-1981 (Papazisis, Athens 2006 in Greek).
  6. The participation of Greece in the San Francisco Conference for the creation of the United Nations (1945) and its first participation in the UN Security Council (1952-1953) (DVD, Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives, Athens 2006).
  7. Documentary History of Greece: 1943-1951, Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan (Papazisis Publishers, Athens 2011).
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