Documents on Canadian External Relations

Documents on Canadian External Relations/Documents relatifs aux Relations Extérieures du Canada is organized along chronological lines. Earlier volumes, reflecting Canada’s limited foreign policy activity between 1909 and 1942, covered multiple years, while recent volumes are generally devoted to one year. Each volume is divided into thematic chapters and sub-sections, usually along geographical and functional lines, in which the documents are ordered chronologically.

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Documents on Canadian External Relations

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The first volume of the series covers the years from 1909, when the Department of External Affairs was founded, until 1918. Volume 2 is devoted to the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Volumes 3-6 cover five or six years each, Volumes 7-11 one or two years. Since Volume 12 (1946), most volumes cover one year only. Each volume is divided into thematic sections. Due to the increasing amount of material in the files from the 1960s on, we are considering a change to thematic volumes.

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